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Social Network Analysis tools

Posted by Diego on March 30, 2009


What have in common Ljubljana and Maryland? Both have developed a software to analyze networks!

On one hand, Adam Perer, Ben Shneiderman and Cody Dunne have developed for HCIL a software called Social Action. This is a social network analysis tool focused on visualization and statistics information with powerful and intuitive results.

On the other hand, Vladimir Batagelj and Andrej Mrvar developed Pajek in Ljubljana University. This software is specially useful when analyzing large networks. For now, up to 10 million nodes, which is not bad at all… but they are already working on a 64 bits version which will allow to deal with really huge networks, just depending on how much available memory you do have on your computer.

In my opinion, it would be very interesting to combine and study joint application of both tools to some use cases.



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Placement of customer experience at the heart of all projects

Posted by Diego on March 24, 2009


As forrester reports in a recent document research , it is very likely that companies will try to find in the future a balance between traditional brand messaging and user experience. The keys to sucess are stated as follows:

  1. Use of a collaborative approach in project management.
  2. Early inclusion of digital specialists.
  3. Placement of customer experience at the heart of all projects.

This is what some people still do not see very clearly. No matter what kind of thing you are developing: a Facebook app, a website, or a product, a service, whatever… the customer experience should be transversal to the whole process, from the evaluation and conceptualization, through the definition, development and testing, and even further along the support and thus implementing  improvements and corrections.

It is the only way to get that big WOW that you are expecting from your customers.

And all of the above it is more likely achievable in a collaborative work environment, where ideas are not “patented” but set up to the wild for their mutation and spread.

Thus, the cultural change again… it seems to be unavoidable.

Do not forget: your culture is your brand .

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Forrester Workshop on the future of Social Web

Posted by Diego on January 7, 2009


Jeremiah recently published the executive summary in his blog .

I summarize the main predictions they handled there:

Community will participate in all aspects of strategy, product development, marketing and support. This will force Companies to manage a culture shift in their organisations.

Companies must participate where organic communities exist . It will be required both social monitoring tools and internal training to deliver value where the conversation takes place.

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Continuous quality is the quality we want

Posted by Diego on January 5, 2009


We are seeing that the traditional online ads will pass away soon . Some companys, like Onesite bet for online social ads. Allen Stern claims for clear metrics on social ads to engage the brands. Is it enough change? Well, it could be… for some time. But i think the persuasion through conversation and commitment will be more powerful in the future with the boundary conditions that Internet provide.

To do so, more resources will be allocated on customer care, social recommendations and customer-oriented design instead of spending large budgets and resources in traditional selling techniques. That implies a change in Companies’ structures, as a change in our culture and in the way we work to be competitive with the new hidden rules.

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Facebook connect is live, and what next?

Posted by Diego on December 10, 2008

What would happen if you could authenticate via Facebook in your favourite site? This is one of the benefits that Facebook connect will bring you, now that it is live as an earlybird application of Social graphs.

Social graphs are the online representation of:

  • Our online identity (or identities, some people have reasons to have more than one ).
  • Our personal relationships (basically family, friends, coworkers…) that can be waaaaaay more refined, look at the picture below.
  • Our business relationships (with Brands, clients, providers…).
  • Our relationships identity, that in my opinion is why are we connected with the people in each one of our networks.

Image via readwriteweb

Portable Social graphs are the same, but just on our iPhone (or similar device we carry on along with keys and wallet ).

If you want the background, take a look at Jeremiah’s explanation about Social graphs or a another great explanation by Alex Iskold .

How Facebook connect will change the social environment? That is the question in the air now since we heard that Facebook Connect is now live . We know too that the guys from Razorfish see its potential .

Citysearch Sign in page using Facebook connect

You can now help and be helped by friends in your buying decisions.

Vlane's call to action to make better buying decisions together with your friends

This is the sample application for Facebook connect.

Run around sample site

And for the Brands? Theres is an opportunity for them to monetize social graphs as long as third parties that play will allow their users to:

  1. Authenticate via Facebook (at the moment just for certain non-secure transactions).
  2. Find easily friends that have reviewed the item you’re about to buy.
  3. Reccomend a product to selected friends.

As you see, this translates in more strength in networks than in the individuals, as the Cluetrain manifesto predicted in 1999 . Has to do too with the interesting ideas of Niklas Luhmann as he regarded society not as a network of individuals, but rather as the totality of all communications.

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Will you share it with me?

Posted by Diego on December 5, 2008

  • Client: Will you share it with me? I can help you. I want so many things you can provide…
  • Company A: No, i won’t.
  • Client: Will you share it with me, please?
  • Company A: No, i won’t. It is mine. I own it .
  • Client: Oh, then i will have to put up with what you provide me. We don´t understand each other 😦


  • Client: Will you share it with me? I can help you. I want so many things you can provide…
  • Company B: Hmmm i don’t know, it is risky…
  • Client: Will you share it with me, please?
  • Company B: OK, i will take some risk .
  • Client: Oh, great! Look, we could do this… and this.. and this… what do you think?
  • Company B: This.. and this… are OK, but this… and this… and this… have these problems, but i think that we can solve them by this timeline if you can wait.
  • Client: oh, i see, I understand you more now 🙂

Does the Company A have a chance in a medium term future to grow its market?

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