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Placement of customer experience at the heart of all projects

Posted by Diego on March 24, 2009


As forrester reports in a recent document research , it is very likely that companies will try to find in the future a balance between traditional brand messaging and user experience. The keys to sucess are stated as follows:

  1. Use of a collaborative approach in project management.
  2. Early inclusion of digital specialists.
  3. Placement of customer experience at the heart of all projects.

This is what some people still do not see very clearly. No matter what kind of thing you are developing: a Facebook app, a website, or a product, a service, whatever… the customer experience should be transversal to the whole process, from the evaluation and conceptualization, through the definition, development and testing, and even further along the support and thus implementing¬† improvements and corrections.

It is the only way to get that big WOW that you are expecting from your customers.

And all of the above it is more likely achievable in a collaborative work environment, where ideas are not “patented” but set up to the wild for their mutation and spread.

Thus, the cultural change again… it seems to be unavoidable.

Do not forget: your culture is your brand .


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The importance of information design

Posted by Diego on February 4, 2009


Only a scarcely i find a WOW presentation. This was the case yesterday. And it is even more strange when we’re talking about nearly 200 pages. Achso, ganz kurz, recommendations:

  1. Please, realize the importance of Information Design.
  2. You need a very good and talented people with expertise to succeed.
  3. You need the most flexible tools (CMS, shopping cart) you can find.
  4. The tools limit the Information design application, and therefore your business revenues, so think it twice before you make a decision.

So, here’s what promised. See what i mean I and See what i mean II (the case studies).

If you are running an online business, application, network…¬†this is a must read.


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