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Writing skills essential to point out structural failures

Posted by Diego on March 17, 2009


I really like the packing technique for travelling that a friend of mine has: “When i’ve finished packing, i just remove half of the clothes and then i know i am ready to leave.”

Along my proffesional career I found really useful to summarize the key points in both written and verbal communications and tailor it to recipient needs. Believe it or not, we always tend to include information that is not useful to our adressee, so let’s think less about we want to deliver and think more about what we want him to receive.

So, as my wise friend, when i am ready to send an important email, i just cut it to a half.

And i proved it to be one of the most effective writing skills that i make use of!

As said, it is extremely important to know the needs and abilities of your addresee/s in order to deliver an effective message.

This should be concise and tailored to the recipient in order to minimize cognitive load. this is extremely important and moreover when arguing structural failures within an Organization which seem sometimes unplausible to point out.

For further reading, i can reccomend the following Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development and How to Develop Strong Thesis Writing Skills.


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