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Who controls the present, controls the past. And who controls the past, controls the future.

Leading through uncertainty

Posted by Diego on March 13, 2009


When the range of possible futures confronting business is huge like nowadays, Companies should prove their value to the market improving customer experience, social brand awareness and being flexible enough to hear and serve appropriately and on-time to customer demands.

A key driver for these kind of purposes use to be research, but unfortunately this field is in many cases too far away from Business Intelligence Departments, and far far away from Marketing and Sales Departments that can trigger the down-to-earth changes.

When the uncertainty reigns, the best we can do is test, observe and analyze and continuosly improve our way of doing business. This environment is not about sitting placidly in a comfortable chair but getting into the crowd to hear real voices that lead business plans to solve customer needs.

We, as business influencers, have the responsability to influence these changes. I can summarize al above as a very well know sentence:

Focus on the user and all else will follow


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