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Sustainable innovation and Green Heroes

Posted by Diego on January 9, 2009


I believe in sustainable innovation as a Corporate strategy, so i joined Green Heroes today.

I recently discovered Green Heroes, a social network on sustainable innovation very popular among designers in nordic countries. Sustainable innovation takes into account environmental considerations (not only ecological, but social and cultural too) to achieve a more productive and sustainable world for all. And the tool is Sustainable design .

But they explain it in this post much better than i do.

We could say that Companies that implement sustainable policies will be more successful than Old model followers. Sustainable innovation as a corporate strategy will be undoubtedly the next step to assume by succesful organizations. I can summarize some of the differences in the old model vs. sustainable model:

  1. Passive leadership vs. leaders that participate actively.
  2. Individual oriented vs. group oriented culture.
  3. Internally competitive vs. collaborative environment.
  4. Lack of focus vs value oriented implementation.
  5. Extrinsic or none vs. intrinsec motivation in employees.

And i think we all agree that we should avoid a Tragedy of Commons happening at great scale while we can.

Or we are not able to diminish returns yet?


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