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Power is nothing without control

Posted by Diego on December 16, 2008

No, i am not going to talk about Pirelli tyres, but that would be maybe nice too 😉


Magento is an opensource ecommerce platform. Recently, they added they integrated Website Optimizer experiments in thir platform. So, I was curious and assisted a couple of weeks ago to Magento’s webinar about Optimizing conversions .

As Trevor Claiborne (Google website optimizer product manager) stated, a headline against another headline improved conversion rate 15% in one example, and changing some communication in Picasa download page improved conversion rate 30%. This is power.

This is power, but you need control, so here comes the reason of such a post title, a tool is not useful if you don’t follow right procedures :

  1. You must have a "theory" about the different versions you want to test. Doesn’t work just testing random choices.
  2. You must keep track of the results that we make, and learn from the surprising ones.
  3. Put the data before the opinions. When Website Optimizer predicts a winner, it is actually going to be a winner.
  4. It is an iterative process, it doesn’t help testing once for all.
  5. Find the rationale behind to get insight from customers.

And keep in mind that:

  • Improvements we achieve have a lasting effect.
  • Winners are not always intuitive for the content creator/developer.
  • Without testing, some "improvements" may cut sales. With testing, you’ll only be wrong temporarily.

Hope this helps you to allocate optimally resources when you choose to do A/B testing or multivariate testing in your site for success.

Old, but good. Take a look at this Skype multivariate case study .

skype test


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